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At the Tarr Agency we provide you – the ambitious, authentic, high integrity professional – the opportunity to double, or possibly triple, your income in only 12 months! We also welcome those who would like a flexible, part-time opportunity to fill in financial gaps.

Watch this short video to learn more about how you can join our team of over 200 individuals, from all walks of life, who call the Tarr Agency “home” and are experiencing real results!



Proven, turnkey system that has worked for hundreds of people, just like you!


Comprehensive training from the insurance industry’s best. No experience required!


One-on-one coaching to help and encourage you every step of the way.


Warm leads generated from our aggressive, nationwide direct-mail and digital marketing efforts


If you’re ambitious, authentic, and a high integrity professional looking for more freedom and impact, here are the steps required to join our growing team:

1. Watch The Video – Watch a 15-minute video where CEO, Ashley Tarr, describes the opportunity in detail, answers questions,  tells you what we’re looking for in the ideal candidate, and explains why now is the time to join this exciting industry. Enter your name and email below to receive your link to the video.

2. Apply For Your Opportunity – After watching the video, submit your application. If we believe we’re a mutual fit, we’ll move on to step 3.

3. Develop Your Strategy – Participate in a 30-60 minute strategy call with one of our hiring managers during which you will collaborate to create a customized game plan to meet your financial goals.

4. Obtain Your License – Complete the steps required by your state in order to become a licensed Life & Health producer. The process typically takes 5-10 days but varies by state. Total cost for the licensure process is $200-$350 depending on your state.

5. Begin Your Journey! – Initiate the mentorship process with one of our finest coaches, begin meeting with clients, protecting families, and building your business!


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Owner | CEO

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to check us out!

My name is Ashley and I hope I get to know you soon. Candidly, if I were you, and even remotely considering if I was a fit for the Tarr Agency, I would value WHO I was going into business with more than WHAT kind of business it was. So, I want to share a little bit about myself, my mindset, and why in the world I’m in the insurance business.

Let’s cover the basics first. I love my family and friends. I love travel and adventure. I love sports. I love growth (even though it’s usually painful!). I love challenge. I love competing and teamwork. I love hard work. I love excellence. I love laughing. I love serving. I love radical generosity. I love living life. I love people. Maybe most importantly, I love making an impact. (Okay, relax…this isn’t a dating profile.)

I’m incredibly grateful for and passionate about this business because I literally get to craft my life around those things above. On top of that, I have the privilege of living it alongside the people on this team – people who are really more like family to me. And we get to make a difference in each other’s lives, our clients’ lives, and the world around us. Seriously…where else can you earn a significant income and enjoy time-freedom while you do that?!

In a culture speeding towards self-absorption, I believe the same thing driving it there has the power to reverse that trend. It’s people. You and me. It’s just when you’re broke on time or money (or both) it’s seriously tough to be focused on others. I know because I’ve been there and it feels more like survival of the fittest.

I think a life wasted is the worst life of all. And these days, a primary way we waste our lives is incessant self-focus. And yeah, if your story looks like mine did, you’re probably thinking “All this sounds great but I HAVE to focus on me cause I’m all out of options”. I get it. And I said the same thing when I launched my career here 8 years ago. The great thing is, this is a business where you win by taking care of other people; and the more people you serve the more you receive – in money, time, and significance.

In this business we get to serve others every day and our own lives are enriched in the process. We serve our clients by finding products that meet their needs and budgets. We serve our teammates by supporting, challenging, and celebrating them. We serve the world around us by giving back in big and small ways. We work hard and we get paid well, but it’s not just in dollars.

No, this business is not the answer to a meaningful life. No business is. But it IS a vehicle that allows people like you to jump on board and design a life of freedom and significance. That’s what it’s meant to me and what I’ve watched it do for hundreds of people I’m privileged to call my friends.

The capacity for greatness lives in each one of us. I believe that with all my heart. Some people need help finding it. Some need help drawing it inside-out. Some need all the time constraints or financial burdens lifted so they can actually spend their days doing what they were made for. And some just need a new field to play on.

I don’t know your story yet, but I’d love to. And if The Tarr Agency is a place you decide to call home, I look forward to knowing you and seeing you thrive – writing your own real story, experiencing real freedom, and making a real impact.





PS. Please check us out on social media. My personal Linkedin account is linked directly below. The company accounts are linked at the bottom of the page.